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This is a horrible time in American history, but it’s also one that we can step back at and look with some confusion. The Republican Party is seeking to turn back the entire civil rights movement, not to mention the entire American government post-1933. Democrats are too weak and milquetoast to do much about it, […]

Huey Newton

On May 17, 2012

Given the times we live in, it’s worth recognizing those who believed that gay rights was the next phase of the rights struggle when many did not. Such as Huey Newton. From an August 15, 1970 sp

Geronimo Pratt, RIP

On June 3, 2011

This is a day where death has dominated the headlines–Jack Kevorkian, the American economy, Marshall Matt Dillon. But I want to say a special word about the recently deceased Geronimo Pratt, the

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