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On May 23, 1973, the term “green ban” was first used in an Australian newspaper to discuss the remarkable movement of construction worker unions refusing to build in order to preserve green space. This bit of working class environmentalism is little known outside of Australia and deserves much more attention. By the 1960s, sprawl was […]
Of course the United States could borrow the Australian model of dealing with student debt and tag it to income without any real expectation that the borrower is going to pay it all back in a relatively short time. We don’t have to punish our students with crippling debt and then only give them 10 […]

Climate Change

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On January 9, 2013
Yeah, I’m sure the United States having its hottest recorded year in history in 2012 by a full degree and Australia’s Bureau of Meterology having to come up with new colors for its temperature maps because of the hottest temperatures in the history of the continent is just anecdotal evidence of climate change. Nothing to […]
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