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On June 11, 2012

Since right-wingers stupidly decided to make the penguin their official animal of morality in the culture war, it’s of great enjoyment to learn more about the actual sexual behavior of penguins.

Blue State Wolves

On January 6, 2012

Like a lot of environmentalists, I’ve been following wolf reintroductions closely for the past decade or more. The introductions have taken place in 2 areas: Yellowstone and the Gila Mountains o

This article on bottlenose attacking and killing porpoises in really brutal ways is weird enough. But it also turns out that dolphins’ “crimes” against porpoises are kind of sexual in nature. The killings coincide with the expansion of dolphin territory, but Cotter and Jefferson believe the primary motive is not territorial. The two species primarily […]

Is a truism that everyone remembers some of the time, and everyone seems to forget some of the time. Yglesias on cock fighting bans: But should cockfighting really be banned? This doesn’t seem l

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