I’m off 24 hour news channels pretty much as a rule, but I still tune into some CNN at the Gym. I was unfortunate enough to catch a Larry King roundtable on intelligent design. The lineup went like this: On the “The earth is between five and ten thousand years old” team: Some idiot minister. […]


On August 23, 2005

The most charming part of the University of Oregon campus is Pioneer Cemetery. The Cemetery was established in 1873 and the University grew around it. The tallest, and oldest, trees on campus grow on

I admit that the anecdotes in this story could make a marginally palatable throwaway NYT style n’ health column. But the angle would have to be more along the lines of “boy, narcissism and passive-aggressive sensitivity sure is an annoying combination” or “So you’ve married a man with a Jake LaMotta-sized virgin/whore complex.” Ye gods. […]
Shorter Michael Lind: The idea that women should make the same money as men for performing work of similar skill is nuttier than anything proposed by Stalin or Mao. And worse than that, the idea of women working and sending their children to “baby kennels” is contrary to nature. So, as a New Deal liberal, […]
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