The bar for a search warrant on a former President is high. The timing suggests that the search had to do with the documents that Donald Trump inappropriately and probably illegally took with him when he left the White House. Criminal investigations take time, and it’s not clear that other investigations that we know of […]

Raiding Mar-a-Lago II

In General
On August 8, 2022
At over 1100 comments, the previous post is loading slowly for me. It appears that Trump didn’t turn over all the documents he took from the White House when he turned over 15 boxes earlier this year. Asha Rangappa pointed out that the presence of highly classified documents at MAL is itself a crime, but […]
For those of you who don’t follow the sportsball, Julio Rodriguez is a terrific young outfielder for the Seattle Mariners. This weekend this happened: I have a book coming out next month on the nature of fandom, sporting and otherwise, and I just realized that a striking lacuna (I love that word — it’s so […]
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