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Emily Bazelon has an amusing article asking liberal and moderate legal scholars who claimed that Roberts would not preside over a rightward shift on the Court on the basis of…well, frankly I have no idea if they have second thoughts. (Of course he said he valued stability and precedent at his confirmation hearings. Everybody does. […]
Some initial observations based on a first reading of the Court’s opinion striking down voluntary school integration programs in Louisville and Seattle: Nothing in the text of the Constitution compels these programs to be struck down. Essentially, Roberts’s plurality opinion rests on the assertion that racial classifications intended to perpetuate a caste system should be […]
Proving once again how astute Nader was to argue that control of the executive branch is irrelevant, a dismal looking day at the Supreme Court with the moderate Sam Alito writinga 5-4 opinion gutting standing in environmental Establishment Clause cases and Roberts writing an opinion allowing a student to be punished by a state school […]
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