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From the Kansas City Star (via C&L): Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation Friday placing more abortion clinics under government oversight by classifying them as ambulatory surgical centers. Planned Parenthood claimed the law, HB 1055, could force it to spend up to $2 million to remodel one of its clinics and halt medical abortions at another […]
Sometimes I think the term “common sense” is an oxymoron. Or a paradox, at the very least. Because the things that make the most sense are often in opposition to the common view. A good example is the punishment of pregnant women. My common sense indicates that prosecuting pregnant women for anything and everything they […]
You may have heard the shocking news that state-funded moralizing adults telling teenagers not to have sex do not, in fact, prevent teenagers from having sex. Interestingly, several states–not all of them liberal and coastal–have started to turn down the abjectly useless federal funding they’re being offered: In an emerging revolt against abstinence-only sex education, […]
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