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The stitches come out tomorrow, at which point I’ll chime in with my two cents on Helena Silverstein’s book, Girls on the Stand, which Scott reviewed for The American Prospect yesterday. While I agree with much of Scott’s review, I think that a lawyer (to be) and a social scientist read Silverstein’s book very differently…
I have a guest post up at Feministe about Helena Silverstein’s new book, which amasses and expands on the data she’s collected about how parental involvement laws — and especially the bypass provisions — actually work on the ground. The answer is that they don’t work well even if you support their goals. So it’s […]
Shockingly enough, the “pro-life case for contraception” continues to fail dismally among actual pro-lifers, as the Missouri legislature (with the strong support of Missouri pro-life, natch) voted down restoring funding for contraception because “it would have amounted to an endorsement of promiscuous lifestyles.” Which will mean more unwanted pregnancies and–as a comparison of abortion rates […]
It must be said that Ben Wittes’s inevitable defense of Carhart II is somewhat less objectionable than his typical writing on the subject, if only by virtue of its incoherence. He labels the rank sexism of Kennedy’s opinion “absurd,” and even concedes that “in some respects, it’s a big win for anti-abortion activists.” (Of course, […]
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