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A friend once noted that the most unnecessary liner note in history was Lou Reed writing on The Blue Mask that “my guitar is on the right stereo channel.” The one on the left belonged to the incomparableRobert Quine, who passed away this weekend. He was an incredibly gifted player. Many won’t have heard of him, but you […]
To me, the question of nuclear power, as with conscription, becomes easier when removed from the abstract level to the context of American politics. Discussing the merits of nuclear power on its own merits, I agree that it’s a tough call. When compared to the real American alternatives–which, let’s be frank, are increased gas and […]

Turn on the News

On June 5, 2004

According to Prof. Reynolds: WHILE I WENT OUT TO GET FROZEN YOGURT, the InstaWife watched CBS news. She pronounced it “one long commercial for the Democrats.” Needless to say, no examples

Post-feminist moralism

In General
On June 4, 2004
Alessandra Stanley has an odd piece in the New York Times about the recent spate of “women behaving badly” shows, which she claims are demeaning to women. I haven’t seen the shows in question, and given the description I’m persuaded that they’re bad television. Parts of her argument are, however, somewhat puzzling. Doesn’t this strike you […]
The ongoing Canadian election is fascinating from a political junkies standpoint, as it seems as if the reborn Conservative party could capture a plurality government, and it is unlikely that the Liberals–who seemed completed unsassailable one year ago–will get their fourth consecutive majority government. Even under current poll numbers, the Liberals could lose despite an overall […]
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