Author: Chris Koski

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A 19th century style president has created a good old fashioned 19th century-style financial panic. I’m reminded of the Panic of 1893 which plunged the economy into a depression/recession for about four years.  If my recollection serves me, the panic was a function of corporate overexpansion (railroads) which lead to a bank crash because of […]
Tonight, Michael Bloomberg is upping his ad game to make a three minute primetime announcement regarding the coronavirus on two major networks.  Such an address is likely designed to show that Bloomberg has the gravitas and experience to “manage” the presidency.  Thus far Bloomberg has campaigned with the excitement of an old hedge fund manager […]

Pete Is Out

On March 1, 2020

The race loses another candidate who has a greater chance of surviving coronavirus than the top three candidates. The Buttigieg campaign was heavily focused on the development and articulation of poli

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