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Kidding on the square, fascist law prof edition


Friend of the blog Jonathan Turley has a piece in The Hill, which features thoughts on evolutionary biology and attainder of the blood:

The Bidens swim in scandal with the ease and agility of a bottlenose dolphin. From his own plagiarism scandal to his brother’s role in killing a man to his son’s various federal crimes, Bidens have long been a wonder in Washington.

It turns out that it may be something of a family trait acquired through generations of natural selection.

A historian recently discovered that Joe Biden’s great-great-grandfather, Moses J. Robinette,  was accused and found guilty of attempted murder. The case followed a strikingly familiar pattern.

Fittingly, Robinette was a government contractor. He was paid to give veterinary care for the horses of the Union army during the Civil War, taking the job after his hotel was burned down. 

At 42, Robinette sounded like his great-great-grandson. He was married and described as “full of fun, always lively and joking.” But the good times ended on March 21, 1864 in Beverly Ford, Va., Robinette got into a fight with another contractor, John J. Alexander, who overheard Robinette bad mouthing him to a female cook. When Alexander confronted him, Robinette pulled a knife and, in the ensuing fight, cut Alexander repeatedly.

Robinette was sentenced two years of hard labor, but various influential government figures (the Deep State having been with us for almost as long as “rootless cosmopolitans” have been exploiting international finance) convinced Abraham Lincoln to pardon him.

Whatever the true merits [of the case], it showed the importance of having friends in high places. Or, as the president once put it more bluntly, “No one f**ks with a Biden.” It is family scripture that runs from Moses to James to Joseph.

Get it?

Kidding on the square — to be joking but at the same time really mean it — is a central aspect of fascist aesthetics. I’m pretty sure that Turley would claim that his argument that Joe Biden has “inherited” his great-great grandfather’s murderous tendencies is intended as a joke, more or less. But the key point is that the joke itself is intended to do its part to hurt Biden’s re-election chances and help Trump’s.

This intention, in American in 2024, makes Jonathan Turley a fascist, full stop.

It also makes the editors of The Hill accomplices in the wide scale dissemination of fascist propaganda, and George Washington University passive enablers of that dissemination, to the extent does nothing — which is what to the best of my knowledge it has been doing — to protest the spread of fascist propaganda with its implicit approval.

A year and a half ago Stanford law professor Robert Weisberg traced Turley’s trajectory from Even the Liberal (ka-ching!) critic of Democratic party pieties to whatever he’s become now, which, again, is a bought and paid for fascist propagandist. Things have gotten a lot worse since then, and they’re going to get worse yet before November of 2024 and January of 2025.

. . . I see Scott got here first, which I guess proves this kind of trolling “works,” which is the problem.

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