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More musings on the TIDOTs


I’ve yet to see a head or a cash count for the Bedminster shindig that Glump hosted for Rudy Giuliani. But I doubt the amount will satisfy his creditors. So does his son.

Giuliani’s son, Andrew, said in a radio interview that the Thursday night event was expected to raise more than $1 million for his father and that Trump had committed to hosting a second event at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, later in the fall or early winter.

“So that will be very helpful,” he said on WABC radio. Still, he said, “It won’t be enough to get through this.”

What level of broke is Moody Rudes? He’s one of his attorneys says he’s broke broke.

Brian Tevis, who is representing Giuliani in Georgia, said on CNN on Thursday night that he assumed the former mayor was trying to raise “as much as possible,” adding, “And I think that they’re going to need it.”

And one of his former attorneys is suing him for non-payment broke.

For a rich guy, that’s pretty broke.

Sorry, temporarily financially embarrassed.

Slumph might give Rudy a few dollars and expect a lifetime of slavish gratitude and leaping under buses in return. And then get mad about having to pay him. And he might not give him a dime. But I hope the fact he is even pretending to give a shit about Rudy’s temporary financial embarrassment makes all of the assistant attorneys for treason he won’t even acknowledge rage vomit and die. And if they don’t die I hope they complain about Greedy Amin abandoning them on social media and cry about their legal fees on ONAN.

The country’s future depends on it. And the delightful spectacle of strutting thugs reduced to tears when their journey on the 5:15 to Finding Out reaches the terminal station. Also, the Department of Justice should keep posting these helpful and informative updates.

The U.S. conservative movement still relies on people who are willing to be lackeys, minions and ground troops for evil. They might be true believers, or think the pay is good or have some other reason or combination of reasons.

Quick aside before someone mentions kompromat for the 12 gazillionth time: An awful person knuckling under to another awful person is just how awful people work.

The sight of lackeys and volunteer troops racking up legal debt, getting arrested, losing civil cases, going to prison or otherwise learning what’s on the reverse of the page that bears the words Fucking Around makes it harder to recruit new lackeys and troops.

So does encouraging the white supremacists’ ingrained habit of believing any damn fool thought that crosses their hate-inflamed brains, apparently.

Anyway, that’s why, despite the grophenfuhrer’s increasingly frantic social media outbursts, the scene around Fulton County Jail on Aug. 24 looked like this and nothing at all like this.

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