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LGM Film Club, Part 352: Glengarry Glen Ross


Sometimes, you don’t watch an iconic film for years. Then you watch it again. And you remember that if anything, it was even more awesome than you remembered. This really should just be an open thread on the great film, but I did want to state how I had forgotten how great Ed Harris is in the film. We all know that Baldwin blew everyone away in his role, that Jack Lemmon had an amazing late career performance, that Kevin Spacey was a perfect little worm, and that Al Pacino was fantastic in it. But damn if Harris wasn’t great too, as was Alan Arkin. It’s really one of the great adaptations of any play in film history. So yeah, let’s just talk about its awesomeness. Too bad that David Mamet turned out to be a turd, but what are you gonna do.

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