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I am beginning to think that Dobbs has not turned Republicans into social democrats


The state Republican Party that brought you Dobbs is so concerned with life that it intends to let most of its rural hospitals close rather than accept Medicaid funding, to own the libs:

Standing inside a shuttered hospital’s abandoned emergency room in Newton County, Miss., on Monday night, Democratic candidate for governor Brandon Presley blamed Gov. Tate Reeves for the fact that more than half of the state’s rural hospitals are in danger of closing.

“This is the reality that Tate Reeves has chosen to put us in. Make no mistake, he made this choice,” Presley, a public service commissioner who hopes to unseat Reeves in this year’s elections, said in a video he released on YouTube Monday night.

Earlier that day, Reeves had delivered his annual State of the State address on the Capitol steps in Jackson, where he reiterated his opposition to expanding Medicaid—a policy that many state health-care leaders, Democrats, and some Republicans say would save lives and prevent more ailing hospitals from closing.

“Instead, seek innovative free-market solutions that disrupt traditional health-care delivery models, increase competition and lead to better health outcomes for Mississippians,” Reeves said. “Do not settle for something that won’t solve the problem because it could potentially and only temporarily remove the liberal media’s target on your back.”

As in past years, no Medicaid expansion bill survived the legislative deadline for lawmakers to pass one out of committee. Within 24 hours of Reeves’ address, multiple Medicaid-expansion bills died, including Democratic and Republican-sponsored bills that would have allowed residents to vote on the issue in a referendum.

“If hospitals continue to close, the impact will be catastrophic—jobs lost and health care for thousands gutted,” Presley said in his response to Reeves’ speech. “Every time we close a rural hospital, folks have to drive farther and farther to see a doctor, and the true, sad fact is that some will die.”

Closing hospitals and not giving healthcare to poor people isn’t vicious cruelty, it’s DISRUPTING THE MARKET FOR HEALTHCARE! Innovatively! You can’t make proactively synergistic omelet (and have enough money for real priorities like building new facilities for Mississippi State volleyball) without breaking a lot of eggs!

Again, you have to admire the brilliant analysis of the anti-abortion movement’s many critics:

At the same time the anti-abortion movement’s many critics regard it as not merely conservative but as an embodiment of reaction at its worst — punitive and cruel and patriarchal, piling burdens on poor women and doing nothing to relieve them, putting unborn life ahead of the lives and health of women while pretending to hold them equal.

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