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There really is no difference between the tobacco industry and the fossil fuel industry except that we are far more addicted to fossil fuels than we ever were with cigarettes. I’ve sat in on union meetings (my own) discussing investment portfolios and retirement packages and ethical investing. I’ve heard people say “well, we are ethical, it’s not like we’d invest in tobacco.” But what on the earth is better about fossil fuels? Nothing, but fossil fuel companies are still at the core of many retirement accounts because they make money.

Well, another way they are in the same boat as the tobacco industry is having bought and sold internal scientists who knew all the damage they were causing and just didn’t care because profits.

In the late 1970s, scientists at Exxon fitted one of the company’s supertankers with state-of-the-art equipment to measure carbon dioxide in the ocean and in the air, an early example of substantial research the oil giant conducted into the science of climate change.

A new study published Thursday in the journal Science found that over the next decades, Exxon’s scientists made remarkably accurate projections of just how much burning fossil fuels would warm the planet. Their projections were as accurate, and sometimes even more so, as those of independent academic and government models.

Yet for years, the oil giant publicly cast doubt on climate science, and cautioned against any drastic move away from burning fossil fuels, the main driver of climate change. Exxon also ran a public relations program — including ads that ran in The New York Times — emphasizing uncertainties in the scientific research on global warming.

Global warming projections “are based on completely unproven climate models, or, more often, on sheer speculation,” Lee Raymond, chief executive of the newly-merged ExxonMobil Corp, said at a company annual meeting in 1999. “We do not now have a sufficient scientific understanding of climate change to make reasonable predictions and/or justify drastic measures,” he wrote in a company brochure the following year.

In a statement Exxon did not address the new study directly but said “those who talk about how ‘Exxon Knew’ are wrong in their conclusions,” referring to a slogan by environmental activists who have accused the company of misleading the public about climate science.

Sure, we knew, but don’t say that…..

I’d call for climate reparations from these companies but I also know the political price to pay if gas goes up by a dime a gallon.

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