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Your Republican mainstream

That was a great idea!

Let’s check in on Chaya Raichik, the proprietor of the revolting hate feed that was a major reason Elon Musk overpaid for Twitter and is adored by Tucker and his Mini-Me Glenn alike:

Um, it’s just fine? Seriously, what am I supposed to be upset about here? OH NO MY CHILD WILL BE SCARRED FOR LIFE BY THIS UNCONVENTIONAL HAIRCUT seriously fuck off and it’s too bad you’ve never had a life.

This is the argument that has the ear of Republican elites — “even the superficial possibility of non-heterosexuality is extremely bad and people who are not exactly like me should be denied basic civil rights and not permitted to be around children.” That’s the whole, unspeakably vile argument — and a disgraceful number of Republicans believe it.

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