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They will cancel rich white people for anything these days


LA Magazine has a sympathetic profile of a woman who has been CANCELLED by the unfeeling monsters in he community:

Grossman’s life has clearly been upended by what happened on Saddle Mountain Drive. For one thing, she’s become something of a pariah in her own neighorhood. Friends from the charity galas that Grossman used to regularly throw for her husband’s burn center suddenly stopped calling. Volunteers from the Hidden Hills homeowners’ association have reportedly been warning residents of the area—like Kylie Jenner—to “exercise caution” around Grossman.

What a sad story! And what was the little oopsie that has caused her neighbors to think less of her? Maybe she retweeted Bari Weiss?

Exactly what transpired will soon be litigated in court—Grossman is expected to go on trial for two counts of murder, among other charges, in March—but here are the basics as we know them. On the evening of September 29, 2020, witnesses saw Grossman zigzagging at 80 miles an hour in her GLE43 along Saddle Mountain Drive and Triunfo Canyon Road in Westlake Village, a few minutes from her home. Another car, a black SUV, was also spotted, allegedly racing with Grossman in what some are describing as a frisky game of cat and mouse. At exactly 7:10 p.m., six minutes after dusk, Grossman’s car struck and killed two children—Mark Iskander, 11, and Jacob Iskander, 8—who’d been skateboarding and rollerblading on the street as the rest of their family walked nearby, coming from a trip to a nearby lake.


Beyond those cold, hard, tragic facts, the rest of the story is, not surprisingly, hotly contested. Did Grossman, as prosecutors are charging, try to restart her stalled Mercedes in an attempt to flee the scene of the accident? Or was it, as Grossman contends, the towing company that later restarted her car? And what was Grossman’s relationship to the driver of the black SUV, retired Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson, who’s been charged with a reckless-driving misdemeanor for his part in the incident? Were they longtime friends, as Grossman insists? Or was she having an extramarital affair with Erickson, as the Iskanders have asserted in a separate multimillion-dollar civil suit? “People have tried to make it something it wasn’t,” Grossman says, denying any romantic involvement.

All we know for sure is that before the accident, Grossman and Erickson had been seen drinking margaritas together at a Mexican restaurant in Westlake Village, along with another retired baseball player, Royce Clayton, who turns out to be the head coach at the Oaks Christian School where Mark Iskander was in fifth grade and Grossman’s own son attends high school. (Grossman’s blood-alcohol levels, according to a test administered after the accident, were not above California’s limit for driving.)

Jeez, a rich white person can’t catch a break in America today — kill a couple of kids driving twice the speed limit after some margaritas, when you’re rich enough to have a black car with a driver on retainer 24/7, and people will think less of you! Cancel culture can’t get much more out of control than that.

This is one of those cases where you wonder if the editors are ghoulish incompetents or just really hate the published writer. Happy day before Thanksgiving America!

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