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LGM Film Club, Part 307: The Lady Vanishes


I hadn’t watched The Lady Vanishes in a long time. Like a lot of Hitchcock films, it definitely takes its time to get going. The first half-hour seems almost pointless, although of course it’s establishing character. Compares to modern films though, it is a bit of slow process. I mean, have you seen how long it takes for anything to happen in Rear Window? This isn’t really a criticism, just an observation. Then the film gets going and while it’s not one of the very best Hitchcock films I’d argue, it’s certainly quite fine. My favorite bit of this is how when the bad guys decouple the rail car from the train, all the Brits are stranded because it’s Tea Time, which then also allows Hitchcock to show the bravery of most of the English, except for the cowardly cheating judge, who gets his just desserts. Also, the chemistry between Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave is really good, which goes far to making this film work.

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