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I guess it’s the last thing to go


75-year-old Luke Appling hitting a home run off 61-year-old Warren Spahn in 1982 at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C.:

Wikipedia points out rather sniffily that the fence was “only” 265 feet away. I’d like to see the editor who added that detail hit a baseball 270+ feet at age 75.

Appling was famous among his teammates for complaining about minor ailments such as a sore back, a weak shoulder, shin splints, or a sprained finger. While much of this complaining was probably for show it earned him the nicknames “Old Aches and Pains” and “Libby”, the latter after blues singer Libby Holman.

I had never heard of Libby Holman, so I did a little digging, and damn . . . She had to put it mildly a very interesting life.

YouTube is a great thing.

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