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Capitalists against the free market, an endless series

“I’m not just the CEO, I’m also a member!”

Elon explaining why he decided to ditch his Moderation Star Chamber or whatever and just make the decision to unilaterally restore the account of every fascist who asked for it is revealingly stupid, dishonest, and incoherent:

Shorter Elon: “I must accept every Nazi’s request to be on this website because activists broke an imaginary deal by forcing corporations to not want to advertise on a site I took over for the sole purpose of putting more Nazis on it.”

Seriously, this is the kind of shit Elon thought it was so important to platform he overpaid at least $20 billion for a social media site [TW: justifications of hate crimes present and future from massive dorks]:

To make an unoriginal observation, you can make a point out of hosting people who will say that victims of hate crimes had it coming for the offense of being human beings in public around children, or you can run a site that makes money by selling lots of advertising to Fortune 500 corporations, but you can’t do both. WOKE activists aren’t the reason (some) major corporations don’t want to be associated with hatred and fascism. If you were too deeply immersed in a bubble of reactionary twaddle about a version of “free speech” that has no relationship to any remotely defensible definition of the concept to understand that it’s on you.

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