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And Now For Something Different


Beto has the right idea:

His list is Texas-centric, but every point has wider application.

I like to see a vision for the future, which hasn’t been much used in politics for a while. So here’s mine. I’m deliberately making it general, so as not to get lost in policy minutiae. If Democrats win the House and Senate, we can work toward this. Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer have made an amazing start. If we lose one of the houses, we will need a vision to help us through the fights ahead.

  • Healthcare for all, so that nobody has to worry about being bankrupted by a health crisis. So that fighting with insurance companies is no longer a part of dealing with health.
  • Housing for all, so that nobody has to panhandle.
  • Remove weapons of war from our communities. This includes police departments’ war surplus vehicles and other weapons, along with guns. Canada has banned sales of handguns.
  • A vigorous program of car and appliance replacements, power conversion, and research and development to address climate change.
  • Tax billionaires to remove their inordinate power and to pay for the better society.
  • Widespread unionization to build better working conditions. We have already started on this.
  • A media ecosystem that ignores the crazies. antisemitism, misogyny, trans hate
  • Peace and quiet. No budget crisis every few years. No prominent shitposters stirring up nuclear war or whatever. No attempts to overthrow the government.
  • Prison reform

There’s more, but this is a start. Please use this thread to suggest other good things we can achieve if we elect a Democratic/democratic government and suppress the fascists.

Taking a good idea from Shakezula:

Anyone who writes doom and gloom in their comment loves Elon Musk.

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