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TrumpCo CFO demonstrates the art of the deal


Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization’s former CFO has joined the list of coffee boys that Mr. Fake n’ Bake didn’t know at all.

When the office of Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg first charged Weisselberg with taking more than $1.7 million in untaxed compensation from the company last summer, it was reported that the prosecution was intended, in part, to make him flip on Donald Trump. (Last week, a judge refused to throw out the criminal case against the business after its attorneys argued in a February filing that the trial was politically motivated.)

I am not a lawyer but it seems to me that one sign of a shitty attorney is basing legal arguments on dimwittery that got lots of likes on right wing social media. Another sign is agreeing to work for DJT.

Instead, the 75-year-old longtime Trump family accountant pleaded not guilty and headed to trial. It was the kind of loyalty that Trump has rewarded in the past,

So long as that reward was not full compensation for services rendered. And of course, il douche has to decide that he benefited from said loyalty.

but this week, Weisselberg reached a plea deal that requires him to testify at the Trump Organization’s trial in October related to the same alleged tax scheme. Having the CFO describe under oath how the business avoided paying taxes is probably not going to be good for the corporate defense.

And yet some extremely plugged-in pundit is doubtless clownishly claiming that it is a big win for tRumpCo and tRump because something something Republican voters are the only voters in the U.S. something angry rar boo economic anxiety small town diner something.


The deal does not require him to cooperate in the criminal investigation of Trump, which has appeared to be dormant since the beginning of the year.

I take the latter phrase with a chunk of salt the size of the ego of the investigation’s subject. Ongoing criminal investigations tend to happen behind the scenes because it’s an investigation.

BTW: People who go OT in the comments don’t wipe after they take a dump.

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