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The night of the short knives


The end of democratic legislative elections in Wisconsin has apparently produced effects on the state’s Francoist elements similar to inbreeding:

The Wisconsin Republican Assembly leader on Friday fired the 2020 election investigator he hired 14 months ago to look into former President Donald Trump’s evidence-free claim that the election was stolen. Under pressure to open a probe, Robin Vos had hand-picked Michael Gableman, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, to lead one. But their relationship sourced to the point where Gableman and Trump endorsed Vos’ primary opponent, who narrowly lost to Vos on Tuesday night. Vos, in turn, called Gableman an “embarrassment to himself” and to the state. One catalyst for the firing was Gableman’s suggestion that Wisconsin lawmakers decertify the 2020 election, which is unconstitutional. Gableman even acknowledged privately to Vos that it was impossible. The probe, funded by taxpayers, became widely unpopular on both sides. One Republican senator said she had “zero respect” for Gableman, and firing him “would have been a better decision six months ago.” A spokesperson for Democratic Gov. Tony Evers simply said “Finally” in response to the news.

On the one hand, Vos being hoist on his fascist petard like so many other Trump lickspittles before him would have been satisfying. On the other hand Gableman is one of the few Wisconsin Republicans who is a bigger shithead than Vos. The only good result would have been all of them being on a barge that sunk into Lake Michigan.

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