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Oral History of the Blogosphere Part 8: Mickey Kaus


Yesterday afternoon Mickey Kaus graciously joined Scott and me to discuss his role in the early history of the Blogosphere. We talked about:

  • How one defines the Golden Age of the Blogosphere
  • The origins of 90s-era neoliberalism
  • The Great Partition of Left from Right Blogistan
  • “Why does everyone on the Left hate me?”
  • A Paean to JD Vance
  • The decision to run for Senate
  • The Tucker Carlson Incident
  • The politics of anti-civility
  • The Ezra Klein Incident
  • The Blogosphere was not written in stone
  • The Substack is the Post-Blog

That a man who once topped LGM’s Enemies List could join us for a podcast… It was an absolutely fantastic conversation that you should listen to, and I want to thank Mickey for making a critical contribution to our series.

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