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LGM Film Club, Part 279: Kenmare Fair, 1967


I haven’t blogged much lately because of my travels (I’ve been at home for one week in the last three months). But alas, reality has set in, the semester will start soon, and I have to get to work. I spent the last week in Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland, where my wife’s family is from and where she still has a lot of family. She could be from any ol’ Irish town, but instead she is from the CNN approved Best Irish Town. And I have to say, it ain’t bad. It’s also nice to be in a drinking culture that values low alcohol beers so people talk to each other instead of have one 8% beer and then need to go home. But anyway, this week was the annual Kenmare Fair, which is on August 15. Today, other than the selling of farm animals, I’d say it’s mostly a bunch of crap being sold. But there was a time when these sales meant a lot more, when Ireland was much poorer, more rural, and much much less international. And here’s some footage of guy trying to sell coats at the 1967 fair. It’s very very Ireland.

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