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Gov. Hogan blames everyone but his party for his party’s Cox fixation


State Rep. Dan Cox (R-Md.) – for those of you who haven’t ever had to think about him – is a tRump supporter who tried to overturn the election, helped insurgents get to D.C. on 1/6/21 and incited the mob against Pence.

Does he sound too extreme to win the Republican gubernatorial primary in l’il ol’ true blue Maryland, especially if he was running against the alum of a popular administration?

El Oh, I say, El.

Cox’s nomination was a cert because the only other person who had a chance of beating him was Kelly Schultz. Yes, Schultz is an alum of Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration and she had Hogan’s endorsement, and most politicians would commit a felony or two for Hogan’s approval ratings. But she is also a woman. And the only way the GOP 2022 would nominate a woman to be a governor is if she ran against someone like Hogan and she made Sarah Palin seem like a calm and rational humanoid.

Another reason that the GOP sucks is the same reason that all people who benefit from the fucked up way this society allocates power suck. When things don’t go their way, they gibber, dribble and moan all over the place. Yuck.

Here’s Hogan reacting to Cox’s win (The Hill, if you would rather not). Hogan – for those of you who haven’t been counting the hours until he has to GTFO of Government House – is one of the sad rags that weird people who want normal people to pretend there are too still some good Republicans like to wave around while shrilling “Not All Republicans! So what if he’s always dogwhistling about the city with the largest Black population? AT LEAST HE’S NOT TRUMP!”

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Sunday criticized the GOP gubernatorial primary winner in his home state, calling him a “QAnon whack job” and declaring that his victory was the result of “collusion between Trump and the Democrats.”

I’m sorry, who is the conspiracy-mongering whack job here?

Hogan alleged that Cox’s win was assisted by campaign ads by the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), as part of a move purportedly aimed at helping Republican candidates unlikely to win the general election beat out their GOP opponents in the primaries in order to lead to a Democrat winning to lead the state in November.

Republican voters in Maryland voted for a Republican from Maryland who has been in the Maryland Republican party forever? Unpossible!

I could waste a few hundred words discussing what a disgusting, dishonest POS Hogan is, or I could share the transcript and ad that allegedly helped Cox win.

Bonus challenge: Spot the lie.

“Meet Dan Cox. Donald Trump’s handpicked candidate for Maryland Gov. Cox worked with Trump trying to prove the last election was a fraud. 100% pro-life. He’s fighting to end abortion in Maryland, and Cox will protect the Second Amendment at all costs, refusing to support any federal restrictions on guns. Even pushing to put armed guards in every school. Dan Cox, too close to Trump, too conservative for Maryland. D. G. A. Action is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

Spoiler: There are no lies. In fact, when stacked up against all the horrid truths about Cox, the ad is extremely scrupufair.

But let me try to follow Hogan’s lolgic.

  1. The GOP has deliberately become the most wretched hive of scum and villainy. Therefore
  2. Pieces of bleached dogshit like Cox are finally able to get elected to state office. By Republicans. Therefore
  3. Cox decided to run for governor. As a Republican. Which still requires support from Republicans! Which means being a piece of bleached dogshit. HOWEVER
  4. According to Gov. Hogan, the DGA ran a 100% accurate ad, the gist of which was “Ew, Republican Dan Cox is a piece of bleached dogshit who is besties with that orange piece of dogshit tRump!” Therefore
  5. Republicans were tricked or forced or somehow driven to act against their natural inclinations by voting for the Republican piece of bleached dogshit. 

Did I miss anything? Is there some hidden piece of the cunning plan that I’m missing? Are Scooby and the gang going to use a big fan, a rope, a pulley and a room service trolley to trap Dan Cox, rip off that thing on the front of Cox’s head and reveal it is JFK Jr. and then pull on JFK Jr.’s hair and reveal … Hunter Biden!


Is Hogan just another spoiled ass who is so used to getting his own way that an easily predictable loss sets him blubbing about mean nasty cheaters?

Yes. And he’ll never be president.

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