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And you don’t know what it is


Even leaving aside the whole “sending the prosecution your phone showing many material lies” issue, things are going about as well for Alex Jones and his legal team as you’d expect and certainly hope:

Alex Jones took the stand on Tuesday morning in Austin, Texas, and, as is his wont, made everything a lot worse for himself, those around him, and the general public. 

Jones is currently squirming his way through the first of three damages trials to determine how much he owes Sandy Hook families after losing civil defamation cases by default. His testimony was a morass of excuses, occasional product placement, weak justifications, non-responsive answers, and general incoherence. He also got a nasty surprise when he learned that the plaintiffs’ attorneys have a digital copy of his cellphone and can prove he lied and misrepresented his profit margins and the emails he’s sent about Sandy Hook. 

On cross-examination, Jones also had to explain why Infowars has been falsely implying that the trial is “rigged,” scripted, or that the judge in the case might be connected to child trafficking, a particularly baseless and inflammatory claim. And, for the first time in open court, he had to connect his lies about Sandy Hook with his general insistence that every mass casualty event of the last 15 or 20 years has been a false flag or staged in some way. 

“I didn’t know you’d bring this up,” Jones said weakly, at one point, after being confronted by plaintiffs’ attorney Mark Bankston with evidence that he said the shooting of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in 2011 was a “government mind control operation.” “That was a long time ago,” Jones said. 

Plenty more at the link, including Sandy Hook parents getting to tell him he’s one of the worst people in the world to his face. It’s rare to see an American hatemonger-for-profit held to account like this.

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