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Carrying it (at gunpoint) to bury it


In states enforcing the most draconian abortion bans since the Supreme Court brutally yanked reproductive rights away from the people relying on them, it’s going exactly to plan:

A pregnant woman in Louisiana says she’s being forced to choose between carrying a fetus that lacks a skull and the top of its head (as a result of a rare condition called acrania) to term, or traveling several states over for a legal abortion, since Louisiana has banned abortion with very narrow exceptions.

“It’s hard knowing that I’m carrying it to bury it,” Nancy Davis, who’s 13 weeks pregnant and is already the mother of one child, told local news station WAFB9 on Monday. A few weeks ago, she had her first ultrasound and was told the fetus wouldn’t survive—but that she would have to either carry and birth the nonviable fetus or travel to Florida, the closest state where abortion is still legal. Davis is running out of time to make her decision, however, because Florida bans the health service at 15 weeks.

Needless to say, the idea is to deny women like Davis any choice at all, even an expensive and inconvenient one. When Alito said that women had only intangible and not material reliance interests on Roe, he (amazingly enough) meant it.

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