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Not even the fee for the gambling license


After Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, the inevitable right wing smear campaign revved up, with a bunch of low-rent courtiers jumping on a basically trivial secondary issue having to do with whether Trump’s tiny little hands actually went around a Secret Service agent’s throat when he demanded he be taken to the sedition.

This is of course vastly less important than the rest of Hutchinson’s testimony, and in any event she never claimed to have witnessed this incident, but merely heard it discussed after the fact. But Tony “Good Earner” Ornato purportedly denied the story off the record, and that was enough for the Pete Alexanders of the world to both sides the whole narrative immediately.

Well whaddaya know:

The funny thing here is that Ornato is apparently such a notorious liar that even many Trump White House sources have been saying all along that nobody should take his word for anything, let alone in the form of off the record quotes to infinitely credulous Savvy Journalists.

And again, even if the story turned out to be false, it would be basically irrelevant to the core of Hutchinson’s account, which the smear machine hasn’t even bothered to challenge.

But the Both Sides frame is one of the fundamental forces of the media universe.

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