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Support LGM, Get Some LoomCoin in Return


As part of our LGM fundraising today, we have a special offer. For everyone $100 you donate, you get 1 LoomCoin. As you can see from the image, it’s value is grounded in my crankiness, which is endless. Now, we don’t take other cryptocurrencies for donations. That’s because we aren’t morons. No no, you provide us cash and we provide you LoomCoin. You see how that works? And for each LoomCoin produced, I pledge to you that we will use the daily energy supply of Lithuania. The only real cryptocurrencies are the ones that destroy the climate with extra manly extreme asskicking amounts of energy use, as dirty as possible.

Now, once you get to the $300 level of donations, you can get one of the special LoomCoin designed NFTs. To be clear, I am not entirely sure what an NFT is but it seems to be just like a random picture on a computer that has been given a “value” by “idiots.” I mean, hell, I can do that! So here is an example of the NFT I will be providing you. I assure you, this is an incredibly valuable thing. Not everyone can have a picture of Smitty that they paid several hundred dollars for!

Now that’s a commodity! Capitalism 101 baby!

Plus with the donations you are now providing, maybe I can buy some new cat-free towels…..

In all truth, making this blog work not only takes a lot of time, but it takes a good bit of cash. We are at that sweet spot where we are big enough to have lots of expenses but not really big enough that we are making any sort of meaningful money for our labor. What you can give really helps. And if you want that NFT, then it’s all yours.




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