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Oklahoma, Oh No


Well, some state had to be the first to go full Gilead, and the Sooner State is as logical a candidate as any:

Oklahoma lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill that would ban abortions from the moment of “fertilization,” effectively prohibitingalmost all abortions in the state.

If signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt (R), it would be the strictest prohibition in the country and further change the national landscape for abortion, as millions of patients face the prospect of traveling hundreds of miles to undergo the procedure in the face of multiple states imposing severe limits.Oklahoma had been a refuge for some women from neighboring Texas, where a six-week ban went into effect last year.

Stitt has said he wanted Oklahoma to be “the most pro-life state in the country,” and Republicans there have sought to make the state the vanguard in banning abortion. Two weeks ago, Stitt signed into law a prohibition on abortions in the state for pregnancies past six weeks, and now he will have an opportunity to impose more far-reaching restrictions.

The most remarkable fact here is that the six week ban being superseded was passed two weeks ago. The battle among Republican authoritarians to be the “Most Pro-Life State in the Country” is going to escalate at blinding speed, and multiple forms of contraception are going to be banned in multiple states before too long. The amount of elite complacency in the face of this is infuriating, while I’m grateful for those telling the truth.

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