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Biden meets with union organizers at the White House


As Erik has been saying for a while, this kind of support from a sitting president is entirely unprecedented:

And this is being backed up materially by his NLRB:

In a sign that federal labor officials are closely scrutinizing management behavior during union campaigns, the National Labor Relations Board said Friday that it had found merit in accusations that Amazon and Starbucks had violated labor law.

At Amazon, the labor board found merit to charges that the company had required workers to attend anti-union meetings at a vast Staten Island warehouse where the Amazon Labor Union won a stunning election victory last month. The determination was communicated to the union Friday by an attorney for the labor board’s regional office in Brooklyn, according to Seth Goldstein, a lawyer representing the union.

Some Republicans will make gestures of support for the Amazon organizers as a swipe at allegedly “woke” corporations, but if they’ll just appoint standard-issue Republican hacks to the NLRB — and they will — it doesn’t mean shit.

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