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Lawyers, Guns and Money Brand Tequila?


Christ, what do we have to do to get some endorsement deals around here?

Let me be clear: We will happily endorse your alcohol, tobacco, or opium-themed product by lending our logo and good name. Lawyers, Guns and Money is one of the blogosphere’s most trusted sources on the topic of inebriation. Imagine the following exchange for your product(s) on our podcast:

  • Loomis: “Farley, what are you drinking?”
  • Farley: “I’m enjoying here eight fingers of Lawyers, Guns and Money vodka. It’s made from potatoes of the Eastern Oregon highlands and curated by wizened experts in the craft.”
  • Loomis: “What does it taste like?”
  • Farley: “Vodka.”

Let us discover your artesanal product and help build a truly unique brand!

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