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Didn’t. Even. Try.


Extremely well-compensated Politics Knower Chuck Tood says that if he was a Democratic president he would simply make Republicans agree with him:

My favorite part of this is that the graphic of Republicans who could allegedly be part of a bipartisan governing coalition includes Ben Sasse — not a Trump lickspittle but otherwise a completely orthodox reactionary from a deep red state — and still leaves Biden four votes short of being able to pass anything. But anyway Biden could easily be getting 10 Republican votes for his agenda if he would just agree that vote suppression is good or something.

Since we could all use a laugh, let’s check in on Lord Walker of Easthampton, who explains exactly how Biden could get Manchin’s vote for legislation Manchin opposes:

Upon consideration, I can see a few minor, niggling little flaws with this brilliant scheme:

  • West Virginia has no major military bases
  • If you stripped Manchin of his committee assignments, he would just get them right back by switching parties and giving Republicans the gavels
  • The idea that there would be 49 automatic Democratic votes — including Sinema’s! — for anything after you literally tried to extort him is insane
  • Biden would be impeached by the next Republican House and arrested by the next Republican president

Of course, the key here is the back room. If you tried to threaten Manchin in his office or over the phone, nothing, but take him into a BACK ROOM and presto, you’d have all the leverage! I’m sure there’s a West Wing episode that explains all of this.

The “funny” thing is that NBC’s $4 million a year man has no better explanation for how Biden could immediately assemble a working governing coalition than Lord Bragman, Esq.; the latter just lacks the good sense to avoid explaining how he thinks his plan would actually work.

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