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Murc’s Law is an endlessly forgiving mistress (if her partner is a Republican)


The “what if Democrats try to steal the election” guy is back to blame conservatives who refuse to take the vaccine on…liberals:

If we leave aside the “endless COVID restrictions” strawman, there’s nothing incoherent about believing the vaccines work and believing that additional COVID mitigation measures are appropriate as long as a substantial fraction of the population is unvaccinated. We can argue about what measures are justified, but the logical inconsistency is imaginary.

The larger problem here, of course, is the perpetual refusal to grant any agency to Republicans, even as other liberals are derided as smug. And the specific messaging argument here makes no sense — since anti-vaxx people are disproportionately located in jurisdictions in which everything has been open with little to no restrictions since spring or early summer 2020, how exactly would more libertarian messaging encourage them to take the vaccine? And why would we blame this on liberals as opposed to the people they actually take cues from?

It’s also worth noting that if the core of the anti-vaxx movement was New Age suburban wine moms rather than MAGA cementheads pundits would not be doing endless logical backflips to explain why they bear no responsibility for their actions:

But holding Republican voters responsible for anything would tear the fabric of the entire pundit universe!

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