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Djokovic skipping the Australian Open because of vaccine requirement?


In other sports and COVID news, Serbian media are reporting that Novak Djokovic has decided to skip the Australian Open, because he’s not being given an exemption from the tournament’s requirement that all participants be vaccinated against COVID.

I realize LGM isn’t a tennis coverage hotbed, so some background:

The biggest deal in the entire sport is when/if Djokovic is going to win a 21st major tournament, to break the tie for the all-time record he currently is in with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

The Australian Open is one of the four major annual tournaments, and by far Djokovic’s best.

Djokovic will be 35 in May, which is fairly ancient by professional tennis standards, although older players have been having much success over the last few years for what remain somewhat mysterious reasons.

Long story short: Djokovic is apparently willing to take a big chance that he won’t ultimately snag the sport’s biggest career achievement, because he’s anti-vax (He got COVID last year at some dum dum exhibition he set up in the middle of the pandemic; he’s also quite the devotee of various woo woo alternative health practices).

Anyway I’m sick of this guy and everything he represents in re the pandemic, so consider this a brief vent on that point.

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