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But family cannot be helped


A long time Internet friend wrote three days ago:

My Dad just called me freaking out, warning me not to get the booster. Something about “extremely reputable sources” claiming the booster was killing people all over the world, with over 100k dead. “The most published cardiologists in history are all recommending against it”. I told him I got it Monday and he started freaking out more. I don’t need that shit in my life so I think I may be skipping the festivities this year. Fun times. Didn’t think there was anything that would make me choose not to visit home for the holidays but these certainly are extraordinary times. Feels horrible.

Last night he updated us:

I spoke to my uncle tonight, who is a cardiologist. He supported my decision to get the booster, and told me my dad doesn’t what he’s talking about. Imagine my surprise that my dad’s TV medical education doesn’t hold up to a real doctor. Truly shocking. My entire worldview is shaken.

So I hope he’s making it home for Christmas after all.

The initial topic of this thread is the question of how to negotiate relationships with family and friends who have gone crazy, in a world in which Fox News is now the “reasonable balanced” voice of the American right wing (My friend’s father started really flipping out when he decided that Fox had gone soft on the stealing of the 2020 election, and so he started mainlining some stronger stuff).

But on a more optimistic note, I’d like to acknowledge this whole community here as a refuge from a broader world that increasingly seems to have gone mad. You the commentariat all make this place what it is, as much or more than we front pagers. So toast yourselves with the beverage of your choice (BTW I just discovered a fantastic old cocktail from Prohibition days: The Last Word. Recipe here.).

Also too, two of my favorite Christmas songs:

The Kinks song was, IIRC, the very first thing I ever posted on LGM, in the form of a comment on a Christmas thread, in 2006 or 2007 or so.

Merry Christmas, which surprisingly we’re still allowed to say despite the Cancel Culture and the Critical Race Theory. Or whatever.

But seriously, take care of yourselves.

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