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The irrelevance of the Steele dossier


One major strategy of MAGA supporters, whether of the straightforward or Intellectual Horse Paste Substack Industrial Complex variety, is to conflate the Steele dossier with Russian electoral ratfucking in 2016. But of course the fact that the Steele dossier contained some stuff that turned out to not be true is neither here nor there when it comes to the question of whether Russia ratfucked the 2016 elections with the help of the Trump campaign, which is a very well-established fact:

It’s also worth noting that the Steele dossier had no impact whatsoever on the 2016 campaign. The mainstream press ignored it entirely — even the BuzzFeed report wasn’t published until January 2017. Needless to say, no such discretion was shown toward the endless oppo flung at Hillary Clinton. And of course that’s a large part of Russiagate denialism — to pretend the media was biased against Trump when coverage of the 2016 election when (with, of course, the substantial assistance of Russian ratfuckers, Julian Assange, and the reporters who amplified them) was in fact dominated by coverage of Hillary Clinton pseudoscandals:

None of which should be surprising, because Intellectual Horse Paste Web media criticism is strictly a one-way ratchet:

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