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It’s funny because it’s true


The funniest part is that this will be the story in Krugman’s own paper, as he is all too aware.

The least appreciated fact about politics in America in the early 21st century is that the elite media are:

(1) Totally wired for the benefit of Republicans (Protip: “I’m a social liberal but an economic conservative” means “I’m actually a conservative, although I would never be found in a Magachurch” — except on quasi-anthropological assignment naturally); and

(2) Believed to be biased toward “the left” by pretty much everybody outside the progressive core, because of decades of gradually moving the needle until everyone this side of a stone fascist is either on “the left” or a “reasonable moderate.”

This is just an especially germane variant of the more general truism that the people who hold the most wildly disproportionate share of power in America — white conservative Protestants — think of themselves as the most oppressed minority group in America, and are indeed often presented as such by the very same elite media these people are sure are so biased against ordinary people like them.

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