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I got your economic anxiety right here


Not quite as satisfying as punching nazis, but it’ll do. And an added pleasant surprise: The Washington Post used the term white supremacists to describe these scumbags in the headline for the print and online versions of the article.

More than a dozen of the nation’s most prominent white supremacists and hate groups conspired to intimidate, harass or commit acts of violence during 2017′s deadly Unite the Right rally, according to a jury that also decided the men and their racist organizations should pay $26 million in damages.


After the verdict was read, James Kolenich, who represents two defendants and the group Identity Evropa, said he would try to reduce the damages in future court hearings.

Kolenich, who previously said he wanted to participate in this case to “oppose Jewish influence in society,” said that “some of the organizations have some assets. … I don’t think any of them could afford to pay out of pocket.”

FA = FO, fascist garbage being.

The scene in the courtroom often veered into the bizarre. Defendants dropped the n-word, expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and trafficked in racist pseudoscience.

Monty Python skits often veer into the bizarre. If during the trail the defendants had declared that they were in fact made entirely of wood, wrapped themselves in grease-proof paper and rolled about on the floor shouting “Pting! Pting!” that would have been bizarre. A bunch of white supremacists expressing white supremacist beliefs is the opposite of bizarre. If the reporters meant “El Oh El, those pukesuckers couldn’t pretend to be semi-decent while they were on trial,” they should have found a way to say so.

Two of them, Spencer and Cantwell, represented themselves, which allowed the men to interrogate their victims, as well as their co-conspirators. During questioning by Spencer, Kessler called him “slimy,” “cold,” “inhumane” and a “serial killer.”

Sometimes the nazis punch themselves.

In another instance, Cantwell asked co-defendant Matthew Heimbach to tell his “favorite Holocaust joke.”

Very fine people, who will soon be asking their very fine fans to help pay for their self-inflicted legal problems.

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