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Everything is terrible


It’s morning in America.

(1). Hey there’s a new COVID variant that might combine the hyper-transmissibility of the Delta variant with highly mutated resistance to antibodies from previous infections and vaccines! The perfect Black Friday gift for people on your holiday list who are rooting for a massive decline in human population, because they worship Gaia or the Middle Ages.

(2) The Markets are going to crater today, which as the Econ department at the University of Austin will tell you is all the fault of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

(3) Speaking of which, the Democrats are now actually trailing the GOP on the generic congressional ballot which, given that Democrats have to win elections by huge margins of votes to have any chance of winning them in Congress itself (because the GOP has so successfully rigged the game) augurs something of a wipeout 11 and a half months from now.

(4) The Senate is still totally up for grabs. There are six races that look like tossups — three held by Democrats (Kelly AZ Warnock GA and Masto [? never heard of her] NV and three by Republicans (Burr NC Toomey PA and Ron I am the Biggest Moron in this entire country Johnson WI). Hi Stephen Breyer! How about purchasing a clue on Black Friday?

(5) This handy chart shows that gas prices actually declined in real terms in the US between the late 1970s and last year, because some types of significant externalities like destroying the ecosystem still aren’t priced in. So what’s the Biden administration doing about that? Trying to lower the price of gas, silly. (I mean I don’t blame them. Hate the game not the player, right? Also the Republicans are much much worse on this issue just like everything else so whaddaya going to do as Tony Soprano always said).


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