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Trumpian never-Trumpers


The Baseball Crank is engaging in some typical revisionist history on the filibuster here:

And the argument is even sillier than this — Republicans were prepared to go nuclear in 2006, and the only reason they didn’t is because Senate Dems completely capitulated. Anyone who thinks that Republicans would have allowed the Dems to filibuster Alito’s nomination to death is lying to themselves, their readers, or both.

The larger issue here is that “hypocrisy” is also beside the point. The current status quo massively benefits Republicans, allowing them to pass the most important parts of their agenda (judges, tax cuts, defunding) while denying Democrats a similar opportunity. You don’t get any credit for defending things that massively benefit you even if do so consistently (which, of course, they don’t anyway.) But this is where the NRO’s Never-Trump rump always ends up: nominally anti-Trump, but vociferously in favor of all of the anti-democratic institutional mechanisms that made President Trump possible.

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