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America’s COVID Governor goes to bat for the virus again


The fact that vaccine mandates work so well is all the more reason for Trumpian nihilist Ron DeSantis to go all-in on opposing them:

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday called for a special legislative session to block the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates, taking the most aggressive action yet in his ongoing fight with the White House over Covid restrictions.

The GOP governor, who has built a national reputation fighting against coronavirus-related lockdowns and mandates, said during a news conference in Pinellas County that the special session will yield a set of protections that will prevent Biden’s vaccine mandates from being enacted in Florida.

It would be more accurate to say that DeSantis has had a reputation built for him by coverage by outlets like Politico that was fawning when Florida had mediocre outcomes and suddenly disappeared when they turned catastrophic, but anyway the important thing is that no number of sacrificed lives is too many if the libs have been duly owned.

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