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The John Eastman rehabilitation tour


Apparently participating in a seditionist plot is damaging John Eastman’s reputation even among some other Federalist Society cranks in a way that is bad for business. So he is trying to rationalize away his actions with some hilarious results:

The man who provided a road map for subverting democracy to a president intent upon doing just that, which the president then attempted to follow, would like to let you know that he is in fact the hero of this story.

That is, if he can remember exactly what he did.

John Eastman, the conservative lawyer who wrote the infamous “Eastman memo” laying out how Vice President Mike Pence might facilitate an actual stolen election, is now offering a lengthy defense of himself. He did interviews with the National Review’s John McCormack, who does a great job of digging into Eastman’s defenses and dissecting his claims.

Perhaps the most stunning comment from the whole thing is the idea that, not only is Eastman misunderstood; he’s actually some kind of savior of democracy.

“Call me the white-knight hero here, talking [President Donald Trump] down from the more aggressive position,” Eastman said.

That’s certainly a take.

The reason Eastman claims this? Because he supposedly helped convince Trump and others to push for something besides Pence unilaterally trying to declare Trump the winner — the most drastic of options. Eastman says he moved the conversation to instead focus on merely getting states to provide alternate electors that Congress could then consider, as if this were a real contested election. This, of course, would still have involved Pence declining to count votes from states with no actual reason to suspect malfeasance. The more drastic option was also something Pence, very notably, seemed unwilling to go along with.

It’s a bit like floating a robbery and then, when that looks unfeasible, instead plotting embezzlement. Both are pretty bad things, even if one is more heavy-handed.

Advocating a lighter form of election theft than the other one your proposed — I don’t use the word “hero” lightly but hard to argue with that here.

Connoisseurs of pure bullshit from people who are roughly 1% as smart as they think they are would be well advised to read the whole thing. Rhetoric like Eastman’s is important to learn — it’s what separates us from the animals. Except the weasel.

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