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The Broken Nation of Mexico


The murder by a combination of politicians and gangs of 43 students training to be teachers in 2014 rocked Mexico to its core. To millions of Mexicans, it was the final nail in the coffin of believing the government would ever do anything right. To have politicians working with the cartels to torture and kill students who got in the way was just disgusting. Moreover, this combination of corruption and drug violence is endemic throughout Mexico. For years, the government never really investigated. In fact, very few remains have been found to the present. It’s just so sad. Now text messages from the politicians and the cartel leaders that the government has had for years have finally been leaked to the press so we know what happened. Basically, the buses the students commandeered for their protest were being used to ship heroin into the veins of Americans across the border and so they were captured, tortured, and murdered in the worst possible way. And to this day, few of the people responsible for this horror have been held even remotely accountable.

Let us never forget the United States’ responsibility too. After all, it’s our arms the heroin is going into and it’s largely guns bought in the U.S. that are used for these murders.

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