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Farcically like a martyr

Above: winning the pandemic

Washington State troopers who believed their “right” to expose an (often literally) captive audience to a deadly virus (that happens to be the single largest cause of death for police officers nationwide) should trump public health orders have self-defenestrated:

As of Monday, 127 individuals had separated from employment at the Washington State Patrol because of the coronavirus vaccine mandate, WSP said in a statement released early Tuesday.

Among them are 53 civil servants and 74 commissioned officers: 67 troopers, 6 sergeants, and 1 captain, according to the statement.


Earlier this month, the agency’s vaccination rate was at 93% as 152 of the agency’s 2,200 employees had not submitted paperwork to show they were vaccinated. That was a sharp increase from earlier data showing the State Patrol’s vaccination rate as of Sept. 20 was just under 63%.

Since Gov. Jay Inslee issued the order — one of the strictest in the nation, with no option for regular testing of those who forgo the shots — state employees have protestedfiled lawsuits and sought exemptions to avoid the vaccines.

Inslee spokesperson Tara Lee wrote earlier this month that the increase in the State Patrol’s vaccination rate, “shows the vaccine mandate is working.”

“We are greatly encouraged by rising numbers across state agencies,” Lee added. “And, are very glad that state employees are choosing to get vaccinated and remain in the workforce. We believe the verified numbers will continue to go up as we get closer to the deadline.”

So the vast majority complied with the reasonable order, and a small fraction representing the most authoritarian, least public-spirited MAGA contingent resigned? That’s what you call a win-win situation!

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