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Worthless Canadian initiative


Why did we do this exactly?

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won a third straight election on Monday, but fell short of the majority they sought in the snap vote and will return to government with what will effectively be a status quo Parliament.

The Liberal victory left Erin O’Toole’s leadership of the Conservative Party in jeopardy. The Tory leader rose to the helm of the party last year promising to deliver in seat-rich Ontario but he struggled in the campaign with questions on how he would handle the pandemic and wavered on key platform pledges.

Early Tuesday morning, the Liberals were leading or elected in 155 seats, the Conservatives were at 121, the Bloc Québécois at 33 and the NDP at 27. The Green Party was at two seats.

“I hear you when you say that you just want to get back to the things you love, not worry about this pandemic or about an election. That you just want to know that your members of Parliament of all stripes will have your back through this crisis and beyond,” Mr. Trudeau said in his victory speech, as he called the virtually unchanged result “a clear mandate.”

I don’t fully understand why Jagmeet Singh has failed to turn solid personal approval ratings into more seats, although relying on youth turnout does not have a great track record.

One bit of definitely good news:

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier also lost in his attempt to return to the House of Commons and his far-right party won no seats.

See ya, fucko.

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