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The cowardice of their convictions


One way to tell that Roe v. Wade is overwhelmingly popular is by looking at public opinion polls. Another way to tell is how conservatives continue to deny that the judges they support have any intention of overruling Roe, a shell game that has continued even after they’ve done it:

Yup, right, if California had passed a law creating a $10,000 civil bounty for anyone who successfully sues someone for violating the state’s new ban on all handguns, the Court would totally have allowed the law to go into effect because this was just a narrow procedural holding. Even Noah Feldman agrees!

Amazingly, Fox News spent most of the day ignoring this altogether:

Somehow, I don’t think they think that a law crafted by misogynist sickos that will allow any rando to sue a woman who miscarries with no penalty for the suit being frivolous is going to move the needle in the pro-life [sic with extreme prejudice] position.

Admittedly, Tucker did get around to it, and his approach was just to lie his ass off:

As always, what “Borking” means is that the greatest act of incivility in American politics is to accurately describe a Republican judge’s views.

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