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Out-of-state crook contacts Stasi to enforce Fugitive Uterus Act


Here we go:

A Texas doctor who publicly said he performed an abortion was sued Monday in state court by two different plaintiffs, handing Texas the first tests of its new abortion law.

The Texas law bans abortions after about six weeks of gestation when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, and it deputizes private citizens to sue anyone they believe may have aided such a procedure and collect $10,000. It went into effect Sept. 1.

Alan Braid, a San Antonio physician, said in a Washington Post opinion essay Saturday that he had performed an abortion in defiance of the law earlier this month.

A former Arkansas lawyer, Oscar Stilley, who said he is on home confinement serving time after a tax-fraud conviction, filed a civil complaint against the doctor Monday in Bexar County District Court. He said he decided to sue the doctor after he read about the case early Monday morning and wanted to test the Texas law.

“The doctor is going to get sued,” Mr. Stilley said. “Someone is going to get $10,000 off him. If that’s the law, I may as well get the money. If it’s not the law, let’s go to court and get it sorted out.”

This plaintiff certainly is a perfect symbol for the grotesque shabbiness of this entire enterprise. His filing even more so:

Apparently reproductive freedom in America will be killed by a Carl Hiaasen novel.

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