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“I came in at the end. The best is over”


The latest member of the Intellectual Horse Paste Web to announce their resignation at Bari Weiss’s ShakeShack to pimp their own forthcoming social media grifts is very upset that his story isn’t getting national coverage from non-wingnut networks:

I can’t believe cable networks are covering trivial stuff like “a historic pandemic” and “abortion rights” and “war” when someone would be willing to come on and raise important and original questions you definitely haven’t heard a million times before, like “are trigger warnings bad?” and “are safe spaces bad?” and “what’s wrong with calling Oscar Meyer turkey and Miracle Whip on Wonder Bread a ‘banh mi’?” and “why won’t my colleagues treat me like the second coming of John Stuart Mill because I keep repeating rote buzzwords Roger Kimball got tired of writing about five years ago?” It is a mystery that will always defy explanation.

Speaking of people who build a remarkable percentage of their worldview over an unsatisfied thirst to do unpaid talking head slots with Rachel Maddow, Glenn is having a particularly Ron Paul couple of days:

Poor Glem, his job gets harder every day.

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